2012-11-14T00:01:21+0000Andrew SuHi @JanelLee let us know if you have any questions...
2012-11-14T00:57:02+0000Janel LeeHi! I do have a question... Which Mac or Windows OS would be easier to work with for Boot Camp?
2012-11-14T01:04:03+0000Salvatore LoguercioHi Janel, Mac should be easier..
2012-11-14T01:06:01+0000Salvatore Loguerciothe specific OS version it's not important
2012-11-14T01:08:10+0000Janel LeeOkay.. I'm still getting used to working on a Mac. :)
2012-11-14T01:11:18+0000Salvatore LoguercioNo problem :)
2012-11-14T01:18:11+0000Andrew Su@JanelLee, I have yet to play around with virtuabox, but note that once you do install it and load the large "virtual machine" file mentioned in the instructions, the experience should be pretty much the same via mac or windows. So either one should be just fine...
2012-11-14T17:00:34+0000Ruth HueyIs there a simple way to check whether I have installed Anaconda CE successfully?
2012-11-14T17:01:37+0000Andrew SuHi Ruth, good question... Let me check...
2012-11-14T17:07:26+0000Andrew SuRuth, if you kept all the defaults during the installation, it's most likely true that everything installed correctly. You can confirm that python is working by going to c:\anaconda\python directory (or similar) and double clicking the "python.exe" file. you should get a window that looks like one shown above.
2012-11-14T17:10:39+0000Ruth HueyI'm working on mac os
2012-11-14T17:11:28+0000Andrew Sudo you know what folder you installed into?
2012-11-14T17:13:58+0000Benjamin GoodI'm testing the default install now.. awaiting download
2012-11-14T17:15:28+0000Ruth HueyAHA! found it:python2.7:
2012-11-14T17:17:32+0000Benjamin Good@RuthHuey did you do this >bash AnacondaCE-1.1-macosx.sh
2012-11-14T17:17:34+0000Benjamin Good?
2012-11-14T17:17:56+0000Ruth Hueyyes
2012-11-14T17:18:46+0000Benjamin Gooddepending on where you started that from, you should be able to do something like this:
2012-11-14T17:18:46+0000Benjamin Good /Users/bgood/anaconda/bin/anaconda-launcher
2012-11-14T17:19:09+0000Benjamin Goodreplace /Users/bgood/anaconda with the path that matches your system
2012-11-14T17:19:41+0000Benjamin Goodexecuting that in the terminal should launch anaconda in your web browser
2012-11-14T17:20:38+0000Benjamin GoodIf you are having trouble finding it, you can use the Spotlight search box, and look for anaconda-launcher
2012-11-14T17:21:13+0000Benjamin Gooddouble clicking on that should also launch it.
2012-11-14T17:23:58+0000Ruth Hueyalas, that raised this error: socket.error: [ Errno 48 ] Address already in use: ('', 5001)....[my web browser is Firefox]
2012-11-14T17:24:24+0000Benjamin GoodHmm..
2012-11-14T17:24:58+0000Benjamin GoodMaybe try quitting firefox and trying the command again - it should start up on its own.
2012-11-14T17:25:54+0000Benjamin GoodIt might already be open though..
2012-11-14T17:26:24+0000Benjamin GoodIt should show up in a web browser at this url
2012-11-14T17:26:25+0000Benjamin Goodhttp://localhost:5001/launcher
2012-11-14T17:28:22+0000Ruth Hueyyes that link works!
2012-11-14T17:29:00+0000Andrew SuGreat! Then the two of you are already ahead of me... ;) Thanks Ben...
2012-11-14T17:29:05+0000Benjamin GoodThen you have anaconda installed! ;)
2012-11-14T17:29:13+0000Benjamin Good(dance)
2012-11-14T17:29:27+0000Ruth Huey:)
2012-11-14T17:30:09+0000Ruth HueyLooking forward to the next two days. Many thanks!
2012-11-14T18:45:45+0000Janel LeeOn Windows, to set up Git, do we want to set up the PATH so that we can run it from the Windows Command Prompt or Use Git Bash only? (I had trouble downloading Anaconda on a Mac, so I'm trying Windows)
2012-11-14T18:49:02+0000Andrew SuHi Janel,
2012-11-14T18:49:31+0000Andrew Sumy guess is that the default settings will be just fine -- if not, I'm pretty sure we can adjust them just by rerunning the installer later...
2012-11-14T18:50:16+0000Janel Lee@AndrewSu Alrighty, thanks! :)