2012-11-15T03:56:29+0000Anita Pottekatdoes anybody know which OS to be installed with Virtualbox ?
2012-11-15T06:53:29+0000Meihui HsuI am having problem to install AnacondaCE in My Visa notebook. It always freezes in the installer.
2012-11-15T06:55:06+0000Max NanisDoes a message or error prompt provide any additional details?
2012-11-15T06:56:34+0000Meihui HsuNo other message show up. I look at the task manager, the CPU is "0" for thr AnacondaCE installer.
2012-11-15T17:12:39+0000vijay guptahi
2012-11-15T17:22:56+0000Cait PickensHere is the course website: http://swc-scripps.idyll.org/en/latest/introductions.html
2012-11-15T17:23:41+0000Andrew Su@anita, did you download the big 2GB file?
2012-11-15T17:36:01+0000Jonathan HArtfyi to get back out of virtualbox it is Right-ctrl + F
2012-11-15T17:36:27+0000Andrew SuGreat tip, thanks @JonathanHArt
2012-11-15T17:57:10+0000Erick ScottBe careful with the rm command there is no going back
2012-11-15T17:58:29+0000Erick Scott"cd -" will take you to the last directory you were in (you don't need the quotes)
2012-11-15T18:01:02+0000Cait PickensWill someone try downloading this .zip file from my Dropbox account? See if you can get it without signing up for Dropbox! https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1trh51xgx58g8f/2012-11-scripps.zip
2012-11-15T18:01:46+0000Mahdi MoosaYep
2012-11-15T18:02:00+0000Mahdi MoosaI tried to download and it seems I can without logging in@Cat
2012-11-15T18:02:35+0000Cait Pickenshttps://www.dropbox.com/s/j1trh51xgx58g8f/2012-11-scripps.zip
2012-11-15T18:02:45+0000Cait PickensAbove is the Dropbox link
2012-11-15T18:03:32+0000Jonathan HArtcan get it with "wget https: //www.dropbox.com/s/j1trh51xgx58g8f/2012-11-scripps.zip"
2012-11-15T18:03:37+0000Jonathan HArtto drop it where you are
2012-11-15T18:06:57+0000Erick Scott https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1trh51xgx58g8f/2012-11-scripps.zip
2012-11-15T18:10:53+0000Cait PickensHere is an ALWAYS UPDATED zip file of the git repository: https://github.com/swcarpentry/2012-11-scripps/archive/master.zip
2012-11-15T18:11:25+0000Cait PickensWhenever we add new course materials (throughout the day) on git, you can get a new, updated version of the files using that link.
2012-11-15T18:12:00+0000Cait Pickens@AndrewSu - Will you please update the zip file link at the top? Thanks!
2012-11-15T18:19:00+0000Andrew Su@CaitPickens done!
2012-11-15T18:21:26+0000Jonathan HArtls /bin/*a*b* /bin/*b*a*
2012-11-15T18:24:36+0000Jonathan HArtmight also want to mention hitting up and down to get to the last command entered
2012-11-15T18:24:48+0000Jonathan HArtgreat way to fix a typo
2012-11-15T18:28:21+0000Anita PottekatOnce I download the zip file and extact it how to get it imported into Cygwin terminal?
2012-11-15T18:29:20+0000Andrew Su@AnitaPottekat you need to use 'cd' to browse to the directory you unpacked the zip file to...
2012-11-15T18:29:23+0000Jonathan HArtto run an command from history
2012-11-15T18:29:31+0000Jonathan HArtit is !(number) in bash
2012-11-15T18:29:43+0000Jonathan HArtso #594 would be !594
2012-11-15T19:11:09+0000Andrew Suhow we doing, people following along okay?
2012-11-15T19:11:22+0000Andrew SuIf not, please raise hands, ask questions, etc...
2012-11-15T19:13:51+0000Ashley PrattYes, following along :)
2012-11-15T19:17:03+0000Erick ScottFollowing along
2012-11-15T19:18:21+0000Anita PottekatYes..going good
2012-11-15T19:19:25+0000Dejan CaglicDoing well, thanks for asking :P
2012-11-15T19:21:20+0000Andrew Suquestion about navigating in 'less'. To go to the bottom of the file, type 'G' (no quotes, capital letter). To go to the top of a file, type '1G'. To go to line 50, type '50G'
2012-11-15T19:24:53+0000Greg WilsonGreetings from Toronto
2012-11-15T19:28:20+0000Janel LeeDoing well!
2012-11-15T19:28:29+0000Erick ScottAnother note on the rm command. rm -i prompts the user to confirm he/she wants to remove the file. If you get in the habit of using the -i flag you will likely save yourself a few tears.
2012-11-15T19:29:42+0000Jonathan HArtman rm
2012-11-15T19:32:03+0000Andrew SuADVANCED TIP: if you *always* find yourself typing rm -i (or think that should be the default), you can change that in your preferences. For bash, that's stored in your .bashrc file. beyond the scope right now, but you can google it later...
2012-11-15T19:38:01+0000Titus BrownDuring break, I would like to talk with someone who installed Anaconda on Mac OS X, and someone who installed Anaconda on Windows, please :)
2012-11-15T19:39:27+0000Andrew Su@BenjaminGood, one of my group members, successfully installed on Mac. I _attempted_ to install on windows but am not sure I succeeded or not. (Couldn't get to the launcher...)
2012-11-15T19:41:09+0000Benjamin Good@TitusBrown I did, and helped Ruth Huey in the class as well.
2012-11-15T19:41:30+0000Titus BrownOK. Can we connect over reak?
2012-11-15T19:41:32+0000Titus Brownbreak?
2012-11-15T19:41:52+0000Benjamin Good@TitusBrown I never did anythign with it, but did get it to launch. Sure, I am upstairs right now. When is your break ?
2012-11-15T19:58:15+0000Andrew Sulunch! (chompy)
2012-11-15T19:58:42+0000Andrew Susorry survey first...
2012-11-15T20:58:39+0000Jonathan HArtVirtualbox + anaconda CE fails because of 32bit host + 64bit executable
2012-11-15T21:00:55+0000Andrew Su@JonathanHArt I think if you have virtualbox with the software carpentry image file, you should have everything you need -- no need to think about anaconda at all...
2012-11-15T21:03:05+0000Katie Petriehow do we escape the man - viewing mode?
2012-11-15T21:03:13+0000Andrew Suhit 'q'
2012-11-15T21:03:23+0000Katie Petriethanks.
2012-11-15T21:19:06+0000Anita PottekatWhen you sort is there a way to specify to sort different variables ?
2012-11-15T21:19:18+0000Andrew Suquestion about single quotes versus double quotes -- makes a difference with some special characters, but for plain text search terms it doesn't matter...
2012-11-15T21:19:40+0000Andrew Su@AnitaPottekat do you mean sorting based on different columns?
2012-11-15T21:20:39+0000Anita Pottekatyes
2012-11-15T21:21:27+0000Anita PottekatI think as we discussed, I could look at "man" or google :)
2012-11-15T21:21:37+0000Andrew Suthe man page has the answer ('man sort'), but it's a bit cryptic...
2012-11-15T21:21:54+0000Andrew Suthe option you want to use is '-k'
2012-11-15T21:22:02+0000Anita PottekatOkay great .. Thank you !
2012-11-15T21:22:20+0000Andrew Su'-k3' means sort on 3rd column...
2012-11-15T21:26:07+0000Claire LevyI don't appear to have ./run-in-vm.sh in my python file (running windows)
2012-11-15T21:28:07+0000Andrew Suraise your hand please...
2012-11-15T21:32:22+0000Anita PottekatShould I try the Anaconda or is there any other way for windows ?
2012-11-15T21:32:34+0000Anita PottekatMy Virtual box does not work !
2012-11-15T21:32:51+0000vijay guptasame here
2012-11-15T21:45:51+0000cristina irimiahttp://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer/issues/detail?id=81 link for people with older (10.5.8) version of mac os to fix git
2012-11-15T22:10:03+0000Andrew SuI'm assuming it's quiet in here because everyone is rapt with attention and programming along. (but please post or raise your hand if not!)
2012-11-15T22:25:06+0000cristina irimiahttp://code.google.com/p/git-osx-installer/issues/detail?id=81 link for people with older (10.5.8) version of mac os to fix git
2012-11-15T22:28:12+0000cristina irimiaHi, how do I make the help window appear in the Pyton notebook ?
2012-11-15T22:35:23+0000Tracy Tealhelp for the iPython notebook or for Python?
2012-11-15T22:39:49+0000cristina irimiafor the notebook. It's nice to see all the arguments when you write a function and don't really know how to do it
2012-11-15T22:55:02+0000Duane RinehartHow do I cast variable in python?
2012-11-15T22:57:16+0000Andrew Su>>> a = '5' >>> a*5 '55555' >>> int(a)*5 25
2012-11-15T22:57:44+0000Andrew Suso 'int' will attempt to interpret a variable as an integer
2012-11-15T22:58:06+0000Andrew Su'str' will attempt to interpret a variable as a string...